vamos a ibiza art exhibition of 50 years visual arts and literature by dutch artists in ibiza

vamos a ibiza art exhibition of 50 years visual arts and literature by dutch artists in ibiza
Vamos a IBIZA
Art exhibition of 50 years visual arts & literature by Dutch artists in Ibiza

In the fifties a number of Dutch writers and poets, such as. Cees Nooteboom, Jan Cremer, Harry Mullisch, Simon Vinkenoog fled from the narrow minded postwar atmosphere in the Netherlands to find new inspiration in Ibiza.
Also Dutch visual artists such as Lei Molin painter, Cas Oorthuys illustrator and Waldemar Post photographer, found their inspiration on Ibiza.
Later on new generations of artists came to the go-as-you-please atmosphere of the island, including digital artists Micha Klein, (worked several seasons at various locations and clubs in Ibiza, performed in Amnesia, Privilege, Pacha & KM5) and Danielle Kwaaitaal that both projected their designs in club Pacha, a famous and trendsetting club on Ibiza.
In 2007 the Groninger Museum, Arti et Amicitiae and a cultural organization in Ibiza realized a unique survey of visual arts and literature by Dutch artists who visited, or lived in Ibiza over the past half century, with focal point Jan Cremer’s activities in the 60-ties and Micha Klein’s in the 90-ties.
Other Dutch Artists joined in this exhibition were. Elena Beelaerts, Roeland Kerbosch, Ivo Hendriks, Lei Moulin, Cas Oorthuys, Waldemar Post, Trudy Derksen, Cees Nooteboom, Bert Schierbeek, Maria Barnas, en Tommy Wieringa.
The special art exposition -
Vamos a IBIZA - ran successfully from 13 July to 19 August at Arti et Amicitiae in Amsterdam and than moved to the Iglesia del Hospitalet in Eivissa/Ibiza.
On 8 September 2007 the exhibition came to an premature closure for exhibiting an explicit artwork by Ivo Hendiks that was considered insulting to the Pope and Catholic.
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