ibiza art art and artists on ibiza

ibiza art art and artists on ibiza
All about Art & Artists on Ibiza

- Artists on Ibiza get deeply inspired by the legendary mystical spirit of the island -

Throughout centuries artists on Ibiza are being inspired by the mystical spirit and the immense beauty of the island. Its famous landmarks, such as ES VEDRA and its symbols, such as the Phoenician Goddess TANIT, were portrayed innumerable times.
Mystical vibrations and creativity are experienced immediately after arrival on this island, that breathes pure energy.

Ibiza, still untouched in the fifties, with inhabitants who were particularly tolerant, as a result of centuries of domination by many different cultures, was a place of refuge for many artists from around the world wishing to leave behind the postwar atmosphere in their countries.
The beautiful island of Ibiza with its bright light and contrasts, together with a high degree of freedom and tolerance, proved the perfect source of inspiration that all artistic people were looking for, to give shape to a new ideal of light and freedom.
Some artist stayed only a short while, while others fully embraced the hippy lifestyle and continued their artistic process for a long time, or may even still live and work on the island.
During those days many poor artists paid their bills with their artwork. One of the reasons you find art on the walls of many remote bars and restaurants on Ibiza.
’Surprising’ art is found everywhere in Ibiza.

Hidden in a forest you might encounter a statue, or a fairytale house of recycled materials. Somewhere remote, where you least expect it, you stumble upon a colorful mural on an abandoned stone building and the cave at Atlantis, popular among artists and hippies for its surrealistic look, is more or less covered with murals, sculptures and altars for Buddha & Tanit
Over 60 years later, the immense beauty of Ibiza still attracts artists of all disciplines from around the world, and still today they are not only attracted by the beautiful, unspoiled landscape of the island but also by the ideal of freedom and tolerance that its inhabitants strongly promote, that is a source of inspiration for many young artists, who by staying in this beautiful island give impetus to new and fresh artistic expressions.

The island currently is home to many artists from all over the world performing varying art disciplines, such as. action art, architecture, conceptual art, dance, digital art, food, film, goldsmith, literature, media, music, ornamental metalworkers & blacksmiths, painting, performing arts, poetry, photographic art, recycling art, sculptors, street art, textile, video art, visual art, writers, etc.

Some of these local artists have joined art groups, few are asked to exhibit their artworks in a joined exhibition or gallery, while others expose their work in their workshops, home, garden or street.
If you are interested in local artists, than the RUTA DEL ARTE, an initiative of the ART CLUB IBIZA with over 100 connected artists on Ibiza, provides the perfect opportunity, to meet with some of them, in their own workshop or studio and learn what inspires them most of Ibiza and at the same time enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the island while following the art route.
Art is found at the countless art galleries spread over the entire island of Ibiza, displaying an interesting mix of modern art, photography and various fascinating pieces in frequently run Art Exhibitions by local and international artists !
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