danielle kwaaitaal > artist photographer veejay

danielle kwaaitaal > artist photographer veejay
Danielle Kwaaitaal - Artist Photographer Veejay
In the nineties, Danielle Kwaaitaal became well known for her digitally edited photographic work. Not only focusing on the traditional public, but also on the house and dance culture she became a well-known Veejay (videojockey). Danielle Kwaaitaal worked in 1998 as Veejay at Club Pacha in Ibiza. - Back in those days veejaying was true pioneering; visual en actual context were missing completely. My personal mission, introducing video-art to a younger audience. Veejaying is a widely accepted art form and a stage for many young artists, that I am proud of!
Over the years she was involved in many exhibitions and today she is involved in large autonomous art projects.
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